Natural Harmony Acupuncture

Thai Massage

Gemma first experienced Thai massage whilst cycling around SE Asia, and had countless treatments that always left her feeling taller, straighter, more balanced, and so so relaxed!  She wanted to help other people to feel that way so trained at the Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai in 2010.

She has found Thai Massage to be a wonderfully thorough work out for the body, and it compliments the knowledge she has gained through her acupuncture practice.

She combines techniques that activate pressure points, with gentle manipulation and stretching of the muscles; perfect when you feel you've been static all day!  It is predominately performed through clothes, so generally no oils are used.  By the end of the treatment you will feel invigorated, free of stress and tension, and ready to embrace the world again!

"I had an hour and a half and really felt good from this, plus at certain points Gemma eases the body into a stretch which no amount of yoga can reach! I can see a Thai massage is good for a general all over massage or if the body has pain or blockage Gemma can concentrate to release this." (RG, Clapton)
"It was amazing, I went from wound up like a spring and aching all over to relaxed and feeling light and springy. Definitely recommend this wonderful experience." (AC, Dalston)

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